A sloping backyard, especially one with a steep angle, can cause lots of problems. You can deal with erosion as rainwater runs down your sloping yard, taking soil with it. And landscaping  and maintaining it can be a nightmare. Read on for a few landscaping ideas to try if your backyard slopes.

Strategically Placed Boulders

Level the top of your slope to create a dining area. Level the bottom of your slope to create a space for lounging and play. In between the two areas, place boulders in the slope to create natural looking stairs. For extra interest, add a water feature to the boulders so that the people on either end of the slope can enjoy the sound of trickling water. Alternatively, place large boulders at the base of the slope to act as retaining rocks. It's the same concept as a retaining wall, but with a more natural look.  

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls simply hold earth in place. Instead of soil being washed down your slope during a rainstorm, the retaining wall will keep it in place. A variety of retaining wall styles exist, from tiers to steps to stones designed to hold plants. To make the retaining wall blend into your landscape, try growing trailing vines or ivy along it. Create a level spot at the bottom of the retaining wall for a dining or play area. 

Winding Path

A switchback path that runs from the top of your slope to the bottom does wonders to reduce erosion and adds visual appeal to your backyard. Hairpin turns built into your path will make a steep slope less severe, which will make it easier to get from the top to the bottom. 

Plants with Strong Roots

If you're looking for a beautiful way to prevent erosion without bringing a construction team onto your property, certain plants will do the trick. Stella de Oro daylilies and cinquefoil ground cover will dig their roots deep into the soil and help prevent it from washing away. 

Ornamental Grass

One of the problems with trying to plant grass on a slope is the trouble that comes with mowing it. If you plant ornamental grass that doesn't grow beyond a certain height instead, you can have the look of grass, soil erosion prevention, and no need to mow. 

By trying out one or two of these landscape ideas, you'll stop viewing your sloping yard as a problem and start seeing it as a beautiful part of your property. A professional company such as Dansons Landscaping Inc can also be a valuable resource in making the most of your yard.