If you have a bird feeder that you keep full of food for the birds in your area throughout the spring and summer, you should not stop filling your bird feeder just because the season is changing. It can actually be incredibly beneficial to the local bird population to have access to bird feeders in the fall. Here are a few reasons why you should keep your bird feeder full of food this fall.

#1 Your Local Birds Need To Build Up Their Fat Reserves

The primary reason you should keep your bird feeder full of food as the seasons start to change and it starts to get cool outside is that your bird feeder will help the local birds who have been feeding there all summer build up their fat reserves. They need to build up their fat reserves so they have enough energy for their long winter migration to a warmer climate.

Providing the local birds with food will not prevent them from migrating; migrating is a natural part of being a bird, and they will go through that process no matter how long you provide them with food. However, their migration will be easier if they have solid access to a food supply and have enough fat to complete their journey.

#2 Migrating Birds Need Easy Access To Food

More than likely, birds from further north will migrate through your area on their way to their winter homes. These birds may not stay in your area for very long; they will probably just stop in to get the food they need in order to fly on to their next stop.

A fully stocked bird feeder will provide these migrating birds with an easy source of food that they do not have to exert much energy to use. Plus, keeping your bird feeder full stocked will allow you to see a wide variety of different species of birds that only pass through your area that you wouldn't get to see throughout the year.

#3 Winter Birds Need Good Sources Of Food

Finally, not all birds migrate to warm lands during the winter months. That are particular species of birds that call many different, cold regions home during the winter months. By keeping your bird feeder full of food through the fall, and into the winter, you will be able to attract the local winter birds to your feeder. With a full feeder, you will get to enjoy the birds in your backyard all year long.

Don't stop filling your bird feeder just because the days are getting shorter and a little chillier. The local birds will appreciate getting to fatten up before they migrate, migrating birds will enjoy the easy meal, and winter birds will enjoy finding a new food source and place to hang out. Keeping your bird feeder full this fall will allow you to attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard.

For help with landscape maintenance when you have a bird feeder in your yard, contact a local landscaping contractor.