Are you struggling with a long, narrow patio or side yard? It can be difficult to landscape and decorate such a space due to its unique shape. But you can make it both useful and beautiful if you work with the space instead of against it. Here are 4 ways to maximize your narrow patio's design.  

Use Containers

Their are many advantages in featuring container plants as a part of your narrow patio. Versatility is one big one. You can move and change plants according to the seasons, your interests and the changing sun levels on the patio. Containers are a great way to add larger plants or trees that you otherwise may not be able to use in a small space. Look for columnar or miniature versions of popular trees such as Japanese Maples, fruit trees or Myrtles. Containers also allow you to add foliage to tables or hang it above lounging areas. 

Think Vertical

Since you can't extend your landscaping horizontally in such a narrow space, look for ways to take it vertical instead. A trellis along the wall or fence can be planted with flowering or fruit-bearing vines. A tiered garden bed with two or three tiers of foliage going upward can give you the room you want to free your inner gardener without taking up a lot of space. Or add a vertical garden to the far end of the patio as a focal point. Vertical, or wall, gardens can be simple to make yourself, cover up unattractive spaces and provide a unique focal point. 

Buy the Right Furniture

Furniture for a tight space has to come with some planning. The furniture should itself be sleek and trim so as to fit comfortably into your area. Start with minimal furniture -- perhaps just a parlor table and chairs or a single chaise lounge and side table -- until you get a feel for what you need and what looks best. Also, look for furniture that can perform double duty, such as a seating bench that has storage hidden underneath. Combining a wall with a bench along its inside edge provides extra seating without sacrificing a lot of space. 

Make It Interesting

Draw attention away from the narrowness of the space by making it more visually striking. Paint one wall or fence a bold color, such as burnt sienna or deep red, then add fanciful and complementary art. A large mirror can even be hung -- particularly on the short end of the patio -- to make a statement and make the space appear larger than it is. Or opt for a multi-level patio design rather than a straight flat patio. The changes in shape and height can both define the space into different uses but also make it much more interesting to look at.  

If you have a limited shape or size of patio to work with, you may find it helpful to work with a qualified landscape contractor to figure out how to utilize it best. But by looking for ways to draw the eye upward, using appropriate furnishings and making an interesting or eclectic space, you can create a patio you'll enjoy both alone and with friends.  

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