Who says your backyard garden is only for the warm months? While enjoying a landscaped garden is certainly simpler when the weather's warm, there's no reason your backyard can't be attractive year-round. Design a garden with the plants and layout that make it enjoyable no matter the time of year.

Decorative Winter Plants

It may seem hard to have color in your backyard during the cold months. In fact, it's just a matter of adding a few plants that keep their color and form year-round. For example, Home and Garden TV suggests ornamental cabbages and camellias. Ornamental cabbages feature the flowery shape of cabbage often with pretty colors such as purple and jade green in the variegated leaves. Camellias actually bloom with colorful flowers in the fall and winter.

Ornamental Grasses

Another way to add texture and even a little color to a year-round garden is with ornamental grasses. These can serve as an attractive border or filler plant. Examples of ornamental grasses that work well in a long-term garden are Japanese forestgrass, winter heath, and feather reedgrass. If you'd like a little extra pop of color in your landscaped garden, consider a little bluestem or purple millet.

Pretty Trees

One of the staples of most landscaped gardens is an ornamental tree or two. Orange blossom and Japanese cherry trees are very popular, especially if you want spectacular spring blooms. However, consider mixing in a tree that gives all year round. For example, crab apple trees also display pretty blossoms in the spring. The foliage turns deep green in the summer months. Crab apple trees then offer autumn fruit while the foliage turns shades of orange. Finally, the tree provides a pretty profile in your winter garden.

Attractive Shrubs

Shrubbery should also be part of your backyard landscaping. Shrubs can provide privacy as well as color and even fragrance. Of course, evergreen shrubs such as juniper are a natural choice. Pretty summer plants such as butterfly bush and rhododendron are also good options. Any species of holly will give you foliage and berries long into the winter months. Indeed, for a shrub that will provide gorgeous color in the winter, consider a winterberry holly shrub.

Cohesive Design

Obviously it's not enough to just purchase all the right plants. Your landscaped backyard looks beautiful with a cohesive design. The exact layout of your garden depends on your yard, but count on having a couple accent pieces such as a fountain, birdhouse or statue. Plan a layout with the trees in the back. Place the shrubs between the trees but forward slightly. Nestle in an accent piece or two, and fill in with ornamental grasses and perennials. Lay out your garden plan before digging in, or ask for some help from landscaping professionals such as Design Scapes of Manasota Inc.

A year-round garden features trees and plants that hold their beauty long into the cold months.