If you have maintained a large parcel of property, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to continue taking care of it properly due to medical issues, you will need to make a few changes in the way you have handled your landscaping care. There are a few shortcuts you can take to help you keep your property's beauty without sacrificing your health in the process. Here are a few changes you can make to your normal landscaping routine.

Upgrade Your Lawnmower

If you have used a push mower to keep your lawn trim, now is the time to upgrade to a ride-on version. You will save countless steps and will instead be able to sit back in comfort as you weave your way back and forth across your property to keep the grass cut. Since the surface area being cut with a ride-on lawnmower is wider than a push mower, the lawn will be finished in less time than it had taken you before. You will not need to worry about overexerting yourself or becoming dehydrated from excessive movement. If you take care of snow removal as well, a lawn tractor may be a better idea as you can put a plow on the front.

Install A Watering System

If you had walked around your property watering flowers and the grass yourself, this job can be completely eliminated from your list of landscaping maintenance steps. Have a sprinkler system installed on your property instead. You will be able to operate the sprinklers via computer instead of needing to walk outdoors to do the work. A program will show you which areas of your lawn are in need of more watering and with a click of the mouse water will be directed to these areas. You can set the system to work on a specific schedule and tweak it according to your area's weather reports. For more information, contact Steeplechase or a similar company.

Change The Design

If routine maintenance gets to be too much to handle, consider swapping some of the grassy areas for stone or rock walkways instead. Flowerbeds that had taken a lot of time to take care of can be thinned out and mulch can be placed in the area instead. Sporadic flowers can be planted in this area, making the time spent on weeding and watering much less as a result. Another idea is to hire a landscape service to come to your home to help you with tougher jobs if you do not wish to change the aesthetics of your yard at this time.