Sprinkler systems can be a great way to keep your lawn green. The only problem is that they can also waste a lot of water, which is why you may want to do things to reduce your water consumption. This can be improvements to reduce waste, like adding drip irrigation, as well as recycling water from resources like washing machines and household appliances. Here are some tips to help you make your sprinkler installation more energy efficient:

1. Installing Smart Sprinkler Controls

The sprinkler controls you use for your system are very important. If you want to save money on water consumption and energy, consider smart controllers. These can be connected to water gauges and the Internet to provide the right information to sprinklers for optimal watering. Many of these systems can also be adjusted for different days for areas that have water restrictions. Automatic sprinkler systems can allow you to control the amount of water used to irrigate and help you save water and energy.

2. Adding Low Water Consumption Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems can be a great solution for areas that do not really need sprinklers. Some plants and flowers can be watered using a drip system. This can help reduce water that is wasted with sprinklers. These systems can even be designed to water your entire lawn if you are redoing your landscaping. Some lawn systems can have shallow drip irrigation installation, which can use a fraction of the water a traditional sprinkler system uses.

3. Using Alternative Water Sources To Water Your Lawn

There are also alternative water sources that you may want to consider for your irrigation. Rainwater can be a great source of clean water for sensitive plants. You can also recycle water from things like your dishwasher or other appliance. This greywater can be used to directly irrigate landscaping or a vegetable garden. It can also be filtered through a sand system to help make it cleaner before you use it for irrigation. Filtering the water can allow you to use it for many other things, such as pressure washing the outside of your home.

These are some tips to help you make your sprinkler installation more energy efficient. If you need help integrating some of these features into your irrigation systems, contact a sprinkler company like Irrigation Tech and talk with them about doing some of these improvements for more efficient irrigation of your lawn.