The outside of your home can be an inviting welcome for visitors and give your home character. Quality landscaping gives any home more curb appeal, and can transform your backyard into a place where you love to hang out, spend time with family, and retreat from daily stress. Adding stone to your landscaping can give it some beautifully accented features that will make it even more appealing. Here are some ideas to use if you're interested in bringing natural stone into your lawn and garden's landscape plans.

Large Paver Stones

Instead of a traditional walkway, add several large sized paver stones leading to your front door. Space them about one foot apart so the grass can grow between them. This will add warmth to the appearance of the walkway and make it look more modern. Another benefit to larger sized pavers is that they will cover up more grass, which means less mowing and less water usage for your front yard.


Gravel makes an excellent choice for those living in drought-prone areas. You can replace a traditional grass lawn with beautiful gravel, which is available in wide variety of colors to suit your tastes. Plant some ornamental grasses, cacti, and other drought-tolerant plants throughout the space for a gorgeous desert retreat. Gravel also makes a beautiful walkway option. Place the gravel in a curved shape to make the landscaping and the walkway look fluid and visually appealing. To define the path, stack stones to make a small wall along the gravel walkway.

Boulders or Large Rocks

If it's accent pieces you're looking for, boulders and large stones can do wonders for the look of your landscaping. Place them near the front of the home in random patterns, or add them to the backyard to make a fun feature that can double as a place to sit! You can incorporate even more creativity by drilling a hole in the top of the boulder, filling it with dirt, and planting some colorful flowers or interesting plants in the stone.

Stone Walls

Instead of traditional edging, stack thin stones like slate to create a wall around your garden. Stacked stone looks beautiful and can really make the rest of your gardening stand out. Another added bonus is that most stones contain minerals that are valuable to plants. When it rains, those minerals will seep into the garden providing extra nutrients for your plants. Stone can be an effective and relatively inexpensive way to really accent the look of your home.

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