Sod is a great way to get a beautiful lush yard quickly, rather than waiting for seeds to grow. You can install sod yourself and have a beautiful lawn after just a few days. Purchasing sod yourself can be a bit of a problem. You need to be sure you are getting good sod, where the pieces are all about the same thickness and come in nice uniform rectangle pieces, not ripped apart. See below for helpful tips on how to purchase sod yourself.

Find A Reputable Supplier

Look for a landscape supply company that sells sod. Be sure to talk to a sod professional about the sod that they sell and don't be shy about asking questions such as:

  1. When Is The Sod Cut? Sod that has been laying on a pallet for awhile can dry out. You are looking for sod that has been cut very recently, as in the day before. When looking at the sod, it should be green and the roots should be nicely developed and held together well in the dirt. If the pieces look dried out, brown or full of weeds, look for a new sod supplier.
  2. How Much Sod Will You Need? The sod may come on a pallet, so you'll need to figure out how many pallets you'll need to cover your lawn. Give your lawn dimensions to the salesman so he can help you figure out how much you'll need.
  3. How Much Do The Pallets Weigh? If you're going to need a lot of sod, you may be needing that sod to be delivered. Your pickup truck or small trailer may not be able to hold the weight of those pallets. Also ask where the pallets will be set if they are delivered. You probably don't want all that weight on your driveway and really don't want it in your newly rolled yard, as those pallets will sink. Remember though, that you are going to need to take those pieces of sod (which aren't light) and move them across your yard, so you want them fairly close to your lawn.
  4. Is There A Delivery Cost? Be sure to ask about delivery costs if you are going to need your sod delivered, and whether or not you need to return the pallets yourself or if they are picked up at a later time.

Purchasing sod and installing it yourself can be done, but it may be a lot of work. Speak to your landscape supplier about the cost to have it installed as well. The cost may be worth skipping on the extra effort of installing it yourself and having to schedule the delivery as well as the pallet return.