Crafting can use a wide variety of products at a local craft store, or you can head out and collect flowers, seashells, rocks, leaves, and shark teeth to start working on unique crafting projects. But, you might be interested in producing your own material to use for some of your crafts. An easy way to do this is to transform your landscape into one that provides you with material over the years. Growing trees is highly beneficial, but you will need to do a bit of research to make sure you choose the right ones.

Pine Cones

If you love the idea of working with pine cones for crafting, you should consider growing pine trees in your backyard. While it might not be feasible to start growing a massive tree such as the sugar pine, which can grow to around 230 feet tall, there are many practical options, including the lodgepole or pinyon pine. The main factors that you will want to consider are whether the tree grows well in your hardiness zone and if the tree produces pine cones that you think are attractive and workable for making crafts.


Depending on the branch, you could use it for decorative purposes or to create a piece of furniture. Certain branches can serve as furniture legs that help you create unique and inexpensive crafts. But if you intend on using these branches for such projects, you should pick ones in colors or patterns that you like. Pine is a smart choice, but it is going to give you light-colored branches, while fir is on the darker side. You should also know what they can be used for because a wood like fir will have trouble staining, so fir is a species that you will want to avoid if you have every intention of staining the wooden crafts that you make.


If you like working on intricate projects that take a lot of time, effort, and patience to complete, you may be someone who enjoys using twigs in their crafts, or at least likes the idea of working with them. The Amelanchier is an outstanding example of a tree that excels for twig crafting. They produce lots of small twigs that you can use, and the twigs themselves are strong enough to last for many years.

Crafting from trees is something that you may have only seen with stumps, but with proper preparation, you can grow some trees to give yourself an endless source of crafting supplies.

Talk to a tree service for more ideas about what trees might suit your purposes and grow well in your area.