Thinking about doing your own residential landscaping? Want to know why that is probably not a good idea? Here are three things that a residential landscape contractor knows that you do not know, and why it makes a huge difference in how your landscaping turns out.

The PH and Composition of Your Soil

Landscapers spend a lot of time studying and learning about the PH and composition of the soils surrounding them. They know whether you are residing in a post-glacial red clay zone or a rich, black topsoil-in-the-delta region. The different soils make a very big difference in what you can plant and when you can plant it. The landscapers also know a lot about the PH levels of your soil, which affect how plants and flowers grow (or do not grow!). Then they can change the PH of your yard's soil by adding certain nutrients and/or fertilizers to it before planting.

Bugs That Will Plague Your Plants

Landscapers also know quite a bit about bug pests in your area and what these pests will do to certain plants. For example, aphids love roses, but aphids are only common in certain areas of the country. If you have aphids, they will chew the daylights out of the leaves and petals of your roses, reproduce, and repeat the cycle until your roses die off completely. Your landscaper can prevent the pests and treat the ones you have so that all of your flowers, shrubs and trees have a fighting chance.

Wildlife That Will Kill Your Sod and Your Lawn

Unless you live in Antarctica, it is impossible to live without some forms of wildlife. Unfortunately for most Americans, there are several critters that will kill your sod and destroy your lawn. Your landscaper can not only identify these creatures, but also identify which ones are killing your grass by rooting and burrowing underneath it, chewing it down to nubs and urinating and defecating on it to the point of dead, yellow patches everywhere on your lawn. While your landscaper attempts to rework these areas of your lawn, he or she will also place several traps and preventive measures on or into the ground to catch the pests that are doing the damage.

These pests often include: 

  • Moles
  • Voles
  • Squirrels (who plant stray acorns and tree nuts that plague your yard with unwanted trees)
  • Mice
  • Rabbits and hares (which consume the sod grass and the grass down to nubs)

Fencing in your yard does not always prevent these pests either, so it is important to hire a professional to consult on these pesky matters.

Contact a landscaper like Boyer WH for assistance with the above issues and other services.