As a home-owner, it is easy to delay some of the more time-consuming projects that your house requires over the years, such as tree pruning. However, by doing so, it is possible that you could be setting yourself up to have an even more immense job when you are finally able to trim those trees. Fortunately, there are several tips that you can use that will take less time than you expect. 

#1 Allow For Survival Of The Fittest

When assessing the trees in question, it is important to plan ahead for your own skills, abilities, and tools. For instance, unless a branch is making it unsafe to be near or drive under, it is generally recommended to avoid trimming thick branches. One reason for doing so is safety, as your tools may not be able to sever a thick branch entirely. In addition, the task is likely to be more time-consuming and can detract from the aesthetic appeal of the tree.

Therefore, you should plan to consistently trim branches that are five centimeters or less in diameter. If it is more than five and less than ten centimeters, you can probably trim if it seems warranted, but be careful while doing so. If it is more than 10 centimeters around, do not trim it unless you have no choice. Professional assistance from a tree trimmer may also be a good idea at that size.

#2 Remember The Addage "Age Before Beauty" When Trimming Trees

When you have multiple branches that could benefit from being pruned, it is not always easy to determine which ones should be removed. In this instance, remember that older branches are strong and capable of withstanding weather challenges. As a result, it is typically the best idea to trim or remove the younger branches.

If the branches resemble the letter V or lack strength, they can be trimmed without negatively impacting the tree itself in most cases. As always, a professional tree trimmer can make recommendations specific to your trees if you have any questions.

#3 Always Remove Branches That Touch

If branches are allowed to touch one another for a prolonged period of time, they could cause damage to each other or surrounding branches. In addition, they are not as attractive as the branches that grow farther apart. Therefore, when you notice branches that are too close together, it is time to don your safety goggles and gloves and spend five minutes restoring your tree to its previous good looks and use.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that tree pruning is not always the way that you want to spend a beautiful Saturday. Fortunately, you can use the ideas listed above and work with a tree pruning service like E & R Landscaping & Trees to limit the amount of time that you will need to spend maintaining the size and appearance of your trees.