Some people may enjoy gardening to the point in which they are willing to have an entire yard full of high-maintenance plants because the reward is getting to enjoy a unique and beautiful landscape. But even if you do like spending time outside working on the plants, starting a family means that your free time is going to be severely limited, especially throughout the baby and toddler stages. It is only when your kid starts going to preschool and elementary school that you start to get a decent amount of free time. You should prioritize low-maintenance landscaping to maximize time spent with your family.


Most maintenance that comes from grass involves mowing and watering. It is also possible for some grasses to be susceptible to pests, which can lead to damaged grass that must be treated. You should consider an alternative like synthetic grass, which has consistently improved over the years. The first thing that you should know about this particular kind of grass is that it does not require any mowing or watering. The only time that you should think about watering is if you have dogs that urinate on the grass. A simple rinse is all you need to do to get rid of the urine smell and make the grass clean again.

It is an incredibly diverse grass solution because you do not need to worry about sun or shade. An irrigation system does not need to be installed or adjusted to make sure it receives the right amount of water. It just exists, and it fits in well with new additions to the yard such as a playground for your kids.


The list of low-maintenance trees is quite large, but it is hard to beat what the Japanese tree lilac can provide, at least when you are in the hardiness zones 3 through 7. It boasts a beautiful green with white flowers that will certainly stand out on your property and enhance the overall curb appeal. Its minimal need for pest control, pruning, and health reports lead to an ideal choice for those with a new family. The main demands that it has can all be met perfectly with a well-thought-out planting plan. All you must do is hire a professional to plant the tree and you can keep up with watering until it grows into maturity.

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