A hydroseeder can be an extremely important device for your farm or landscaping business. However, these machines can also be extremely expensive, which makes it essential for you to understand the type of steps that are needed to keep these machines from suffering malfunctions. If you have recently purchased your first hydroseeder, you might want to keep the following few tips in mind to help prevent serious problems.

Have The Motor And Pump Serviced On A Regular Basis

Hydroseeders are extremely effective due to their ability to mix water, fertilizer, and seed before spraying it. By mixing these ingredients together, the seeds will be in a more suitable environment for germination. However, it takes a powerful motor and pump to combine these ingredients and spray them. Over the course of time, your hydroseeder pump and motor will suffer extensive wear and tear that can make the internal components more likely to suffer a failure. By having the system professionally serviced, you can ensure that these components are working as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Clean Any Nozzles Prior To Use

The mixture of seed, water, and fertilizer can cause the nozzles of these systems to become clogged. Once clogged, the nozzle may be rendered useless, which can cause your hydroseeder to miss areas. In order to avoid this problem, you should thoroughly clean the nozzles prior to each use of these systems. In order to clean them, you will need to detach the nozzle and thoroughly rinse it under running water. You should avoid using substances other than water to clean these nozzles because many cleaning solutions can cause the nozzles to become corroded. If you notice corrosion while cleaning the nozzles, you should replace them, as the corrosion can contaminate the mixture, which may hinder the seeds from germinating.

Prepare The Hydroseeder For Winter

The winter months can be particularly harsh on any type of machinery, and hydroseeders are no different. Sadly, if you fail to properly winterize the hydroseeder, it can suffer serious damage that can be remarkably expensive to repair. This occurs because the various tubes and hoses can contain water or other fluids, which may freeze. Once frozen, these liquids will greatly increase in volume, which can lead to hoses and tubes rupturing. To prevent this type of damage, you should make sure that the hydroseeder is completely drained before the first freeze arrives. The steps for draining these devices can vary depending on the design, but this information should be located in the owner's manual for the system.

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