Many homeowners will start to pay attention to their landscape when they are ready to sell their house. They want to make a few quick improvements in hopes of increasing overall interest and value. While it can yield positive results, they will be limited because there is only so much time for implementation. If you know your home is just a starter, then you should not hesitate to get started early on. Beginning with a long-term plan and seeing it through to fruition will have worthwhile gains in terms of property value.

Trees That Provide Shade

Most plants do not take that long to grow, but trees are still going to require years. So, unless you are ready to wait a decade or two after planting a slow-growing tree to yield maximum benefits, you should prioritize shade trees that will start growing quickly and continue to do so through the years. The hybrid poplar is an ideal example because it boasts growth rates of up to 8 feet per year. With a 40- to 50-foot height maximum, it should not take much longer than half a decade or so to see it reach full maturity.

Lawn That Stays Green

It is ideal to prioritize a lawn that stays green for your long-term plan. You want it to be easy to showcase a lovely green landscape, so a hardy grass is often best, as it will resist most problems. The Kentucky bluegrass is an excellent grass for this situation because it is so easy to keep green all year long. Its popularity with city parks comes from the fact that it helps to create such a beautiful yard.

Flowers with Lengthy Blooms

Whether you have an exact idea, a general estimate, or no idea of when you want to sell your home in the future, it is smart to prioritize flowers that have long bloom times. The longer they bloom, the more likely you are to take professional photos when they are thriving and for people to see them in person. The color and joyfulness that they can add to your property is not to be underestimated. The Black-eyed Susan is a great example because it is possible for them to bloom for about one and a half seasons.

Getting started early will give your trees time to grow and it will help you gain valuable knowledge on maintaining the lawn and flowers so that they are at their very best when you are ready to sell.