Owning your own home provides you with a feeling of accomplishment and pride, but being a homeowner comes with a significant amount of responsibility as well. Keeping your home looking nice and functioning properly throughout the cold winter months can be a challenge.

Here are three fall maintenance tasks you can undertake to help provide better care for your home's exterior in the future.

1. Service your snowblower.

If you live in an area where regular snow falls throughout the winter months, then having an access to snowblower can be a simple way to remove excess snow from your home's driveway and sidewalks.

Without a functional snowblower, snow must be removed by hand. Leaving snow on your driveway or sidewalk could cause damage to these concrete structures, resulting in the need for costly repairs in the spring.

Taking your snowblower out for a test run during fall will ensure you have enough time to invest in any repairs needed to get this important piece of machinery running properly before winter weather hits.

2. Drain gasoline from your lawnmower.

Once your grass goes dormant in the fall, you won't need to mow your lawn on a regular basis. This means that you can prep your lawnmower for winter storage.

Taking the time to drain the gasoline from your lawnmower before placing it in your shed or garage for the winter ensures that there will not be a buildup of moisture inside your mower's fuel supply system when spring rolls around.

The water content in gasoline can condense over time, so removing any gasoline from the fuel tank before storage is a simple way to prevent costly mechanical problems from plaguing your mower when you need to start keeping your lawn trimmed in the spring.

3. Rake the leaves from your lawn.

Keeping your home's landscape looking nice throughout the winter months is something that you might not worry about.

Taking the time to prepare your lawn for winter during the fall months ensures that your grass will be able to withstand the cold winter weather and bounce back as vibrant as ever next spring. Raking the leaves from your lawn is one of the most effective ways to prepare your landscape for winter.

Leaving a layer of leaves over your grass during the winter months can stunt grass growth by limiting access to sunlight, and it can result in your lawn being subjected to snow mold. Be sure that you remove any fallen leaves from your grass before the snow begins to fall if you want your landscape to look nice next spring.

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