When you are renting a single-family home, you do not have much control in how the backyard looks. It may be up to you to maintain the lawn while the landlord takes care of tree trimming. But once you own a home and have your own landscape to mold, the number of options you have could be a little overwhelming. It is important to first establish what you would like to accomplish in your backyard. For instance, you might know that you will be spending lots of time with family and friends in this area. So it makes perfect sense to prioritize growing things that mesh well with a busy backyard.

Grass That is Good for High Traffic

An important first choice to make is the grass that you have throughout the yard. The grass that is already there might be an okay fit, or it could be a type that does not fare well with a high level of traffic. This is when you will want to determine whether your climate demands a cool-season grass or a warm-season grass. Perennial ryegrass is a great choice for a backyard with full sun and in a cool climate. Bermuda grass has the same needs and qualities but is what you will want to grow if you live in a warm climate.

Trees That Do Not Drop Things

In a busy backyard, the last thing you want is to have a landscape that requires constant upkeep. Trees that continually drop things like pinecones and fruits on the ground can even be hazardous. Little kids running around the yard could end up stepping on these objects when they are not wearing any shoes. It is even possible for thick roots that grow above the surface to lead to bruised feet or tripping. So, you should just grow trees that do not have these problems, such as the Australian willow or bronze loquat. These trees thrive in warmer climates and they can provide shade with strategical placement. A landscaper can help with the planting process, or at the very least, the landscape's design.

Bushes without Thorns

If you want to grow some bushes that can separate areas in the yard or just as general groundcover, you should avoid plants that could cause harm to your family and friends. It is not likely that people will fall into bushes, but it is possible for kids playing in the backyard to not pay attention to their surroundings. Falling into a blackberry plant without thorns will be much more pleasant than one with thorns.

Designing your landscape with high traffic in mind will ensure your long-term satisfaction.