Anyone who has owned wooded property for more than a few years can probably appreciate the tenacity and enthusiasm of young trees. Saplings will take root and begin growing anywhere they have room to squeeze themselves in, and in areas that have been cleared recently, this behavior can quickly lead to a choked and tangled ecosystem where nothing actually thrives. Hiring a tree trimming and removal service to thin out your overgrown wooded areas can result in a much healthier area for plants and animals, as well as making the land more enjoyable for its human residents. 

Improving Maneuverability 

If you need to travel through your forested property even occasionally, you may not appreciate having to hack, slash and wiggle your way through a dense obstacle course of young trees and branches. Conifer-dense areas in particular often become nearly impossible to navigate after just a few years of growth. By clearing out the excess young trees to keep the ground below the larger ones clear, you should have a much easier time walking through your own property. 

Increasing Plant Diversity

Another consequence of too many saplings is the loss of habitat for other plants like ferns, grasses, bushes and flowers. These low-growing plants may fail to find a foothold or adequate sunlight and gradually disappear, leaving your forest dark and dreary as a result. Opening up some space on the forest floor will increase the biodiversity of your property and likely draw in birds and other animals that previously could not survive there. 

Removing Unsightly Dead Trees and Saplings

Besides being an inconvenience, thickly forested areas often end up looking much worse than carefully thinned ones. As young trees compete for resources, some will inevitably die, leaving behind straggly branches and trunks prone to rot and falling over. Rather than allowing your property to turn into a dark, spooky forest, you can instead cultivate it into a bright, vibrant and healthy woodland. 

Putting Less Stress on the Remaining Trees

Even the trees that survive in a crush of saplings often struggle to get the resources they need, and they may grow slowly or in a stunted fashion. By clearing away competition that is doomed to fail anyway, you can provide the surviving trees the space, light and nutrients they need to grow into large and healthy adult trees. If you are tired of looking over your wooded property and seeing nothing but a dense knot of trunks and branches, call your local tree removal service to have your forest thinned and cared for before the problematic trees have the chance to grow any bigger.