If you want to have a more durable garden design, using native plant life can be a great improvement to your landscape. Using native plants can make care for your landscaping easier and reduce water consumption. There are many plants that you can choose from to add color and a unique garden design to your home. Here are some tips to help you with a garden design for your home using hardy native plants:

1. Choosing Grasses To Let Run Wild And Line Paths With Colors

There are many different grasses to choose from for your lawn, and you may want to choose some hardy species that are native to the region where you live. If you live in a dry climate, using native desert grasses can reduce the need for irrigation of your landscaping. In addition, there are some grasses that can provide color and grow tall, making them an ideal addition to the border around areas like paths and pavements. You can choose from a variety of different grasses to create a unique combination of colors and textures. 

2. Colorful Flowering Shrubs To Add Color To Landscaping With Native Plants

There are also many colorful flowers to choose from for native plant life. Some of these can include wild flowers, which usually require you to repeatedly plant them. For a hardy landscaping design, consider using native shrubs for flowers. Good choices for this can include azaleas, laurels, and evergreen shrubs of various species. These can make a great mix of colors for your landscaping all year. There are many different species of azaleas and laurels that are unique to different regions that can make a great addition to landscaping. If you live in a dry desert climate, consider plants like cactuses with flowers to give your landscaping color.

3. Hardy Trees That Can Survive Extreme Weather Changes 

There are also many different choices of native trees that you may want to add to your landscaping. Some of these can include hardwoods and native dogwood trees in the southeast. Adding trees to your landscaping can be a great way to provide valuable shade and create and environment for native shade plants like ferns. Taller drought tolerant trees can be good for desert regions.

These are some tips to help you with your landscape design using native plants. If you are ready for a more durable garden design, contact a sprinkler installation service like Boehm Landscape Inc to help design an irrigation system for your native plants.