If you are interested in sprucing up your lawn, consider adding garden beds. Flower and foliage beds are fairly easy to incorporate into your landscape, and they also help cut down on the amount of mowing you have to do. Weed maintenance will be the biggest aspect of keeping your garden beds looking nice. If you are not interested in using commercial weed killer in your lawn, there are some natural ways to combat pesky weed growth, including the following:

Wood Chips

Using wood chips in your garden beds is one of the least expensive ways to keep weeds at bay. Wood chips spread all over the beds are a great way to prevent weed growth for the least amount of money. Spreading the wood chips is a great method, especially for brand new beds. After you place the chips, allow them to sit for a week or so, then move forward with your planting.

The longer the wood chips sit undisturbed, the better they are for your garden beds. They will have an opportunity to decompose, providing fantastic soil that will be very receptive to new plantings. You can buy wood chips, but a quick bit of research will reveal some free resources in your area. Energy companies frequently outsource limb-cutting services to trim limbs from around power lines, which in turn will chip these limbs into wood chips. Contact your energy company to see if they are cutting limbs in your area then asks to have them placed on your property.


If you have leafy trees in your lawn, rake up the leaves into piles and allow them to compost themselves. Leaves are a very inexpensive way to add some mulch to your beds to prevent week growth. Fall is the best time of year to begin planning for your spring gardens because you can mulch the bulk of your leaves during this time. Allow them to sit in a pile over the winter and allow them to decompose. Mulch your beds with the leaves after you have placed your seeds. To expedite the decomposition process, mow over your leaves before piling them up. This will break them down into smaller particles, thus allowing them to compost more quickly.

Creating garden beds in your lawn is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. If you want to cut down on your amount of mowing work, garden beds are a great way to go.

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