A shady spot in your yard doesn't have to be a deterrent to gardening. In fact, you can have a beautiful shade garden with just a little planning. What's more, a shady spot is a perfect place for a lounge area. Create a beautiful garden that just happens to be in the shade.

Choose Shade-Loving Plants

The most obvious tip for a shady garden is choosing plants and flowers that actually prefer indirect sunlight. In fact, there are many. Sunset Magazine suggests the following colorful plants:

  • Amethyst flower
  • Copper plant
  • Begonia
  • Geranium
  • Impatiens
  • Flowering maple

To give your garden a cohesive look, consider designing it around a theme. For example, choose a color such as pink and plant mostly flowers in that shade. In this case, you could plant primrose, allium, coralbell and heuchera in shades of pink.

Plant a Centerpiece

Among your shade-loving plants, choose a centerpiece planting. This is a plant that will take center stage in your garden. It could be a larger flowering bush, such as azalea or rhododendron. You could also choose a cluster of tall plants, such as giant allium or false spirea. Plant your showpiece slightly off-center and to the back, with the other shade-lovers around it.

Add Decor

Along those same lines, garden decor pieces don't need sun to be beautiful. Depending on the size of your garden, plan for at least one non-plant item. These include the obvious choices, such as a fountain or birdbath. However, other decor items might fit in with your theme. For instance, statues and other stone items match traditional gardens, such as French or Italian. If you have a country garden, a wheelbarrow or rain barrel planted with flowers is a charming addition.

Consider a Rock Garden

Rocks are another item that don't require sun. If you want a more naturalistic profile, consider a rock garden. Choose an odd number of pretty rocks, and have them staggered within your garden space. Likewise, stagger them with your centerpiece plants. From there, choose other pretty shade-lovers to complete your rock garden.

Plan for Lounging

A shady spot is the perfect place to lounge on hot afternoons. While you're planning your decor, consider adding lounge items. Add a comfortable bench and an accent table. Don't forget to landscape around the lounge pieces so they blend with the rest of the area. Consider adding creeping thyme for a touch of fragrance as you walk to your shady lounge spot. Creeping thyme is a hardy plant that doesn't mind being stepped on.

For more tips on creating a shaded garden, talk to a landscaper like All Season Landscaping.