Many magical things happened in gardens in many fairy tales. Princesses met their future prince, maidens could talk to animals, and life changing advice was given. Though great gardens like these seem to be stuck in fairy tale lands, you can create your very own fairy tale garden in your backyard. If you suffer from depression, it may be necessary to do physical things to make yourself feel better. A garden is a permanent structure that can be designed just like a room in your home. Here is how you can design your own fairy tale garden so that you can have happy, life altering changes much like in a fairy tale book. 

Set up colorful flowers along a path

The first thing that you want to set up in your landscape design is a path for walking. The path should start from the edge of your backdoor and go as far as you would like. The path could be winding or it could be a short straight path. Make sure that the path is paved so that the walk space is smooth and clear. Along both sides of the path, place colorful flowers. If possible put similar color groups (such as all blue flowers or all red flowers) together so that there is a complete burst of color wherever you look. 

Stagger bushes and statues

Some of the plant life that will be easiest to take care of, even during a depressive period, are trees and shrubbery. Trees with sprouts such as rose of sharon trees will offer some beautiful flowers and only need some watering for the majority of the care. Next to the shrubs and trees, place items that make you think of your favorite fairy tale. You can get statues of your favorite animals from your favorite storybook. You can also get statues that look like scrolls with sayings that help to lift your mood.

Cover the garden

When you are going through periods of depression, you may want to sit out in the garden even when the sun is shining hard or when it is raining. To make this more comfortable for you, you should cover your garden with a proper canopy. Covering the garden will make sure that the flowers survive and are not overly watered by the rain nor dried out by the sun. Your chairs or benches will also be kept clean and cool so that you can sit in your magical place at any time.  

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