After having an old hot tub removed from your yard, it's a good idea to look into what you can do to fill the space where it was previously. Since the hot was likely on a flat surface that's rectangular in shape, you may be at a loss of how to landscape the spot.

Instead of beginning just any landscaping project, consider some of the following ideas that can help improve the way that your yard looks and makes good use of the spot you used for the hot tub.

1. Take Advantage of an Already-Paved Space

Since the hot was likely installed on a flat surface that has paving already done, it makes sense to keep the space paved. Instead of ripping it all out and having grass planted, you can check out several projects that can make use of the paving. One idea is a dining area since the flat surface can be suitable for chairs and tables or a BBQ grill.

With an already paved space, you'll have a lot of options for creating an entertaining space for your yard.

2. Have Planter Beds Installed for Gardening

Another idea to take advantage of the paved space is to have garden beds installed. Ripping out the paving can be expensive and impractical, making planter beds a much more suitable choice since they can be installed directly onto the paved area.

Planter beds can come in a variety of different styles and colors, allowing you to make sure that they look like a great fit in your yard and can be placed directly onto the existing paving without a problem.

3. Avoid Having Trees Planted in the Spot

If you've made the decision to get rid of the paving and use the spot for another kind of landscaping, it's a good idea to avoid anything that will need to use the soil intensively. Trees can be a poor fit when the hot tub has been there a long time since the soil may be packed too tightly and can make it difficult for the roots to get settled in.

Looking over the different landscaping projects available can go a long way towards making sure that you're able to make use of this spot in your yard without it looking like a spot where the hot tub used to go. With a focus on making the best use of the previously paved space, you can landscape the yard so that it looks like the hot tub was never there.

For more information, contact your local landscape designers.