If you want to enhance the appearance of your patio while providing a little shade at the same time, then a patio lattice cover would be ideal. You can have a lattice cover installed that's made of wood or aluminum, so it's a perfect match for your home. Here's why you may want to go with a lattice patio cover instead of a solid cover.

A Lattice Cover Provides Some Shade

Your patio can get too hot to be comfortable during the day. However, you may not want a solid cover that provides full shade and completely blocks the sun. A lattice cover provides partial shade so some light can filter through, yet there is some shade also that keeps your patio a little cooler and more comfortable. The partial shade can be enough to let you use the patio during the day in comfort, and also to protect your furniture from UV fading as fast as it would in full sun.

A Lattice Cover Still Lets In Light

A lattice patio cover lets in light so you don't have to worry about your patio growing algae or mold. There will also be enough light that you can grow plants on the patio to make it even more attractive. Plenty of natural light means you'll be able to read and work on your patio without artificial light. Plus, you'll appreciate the light and sun that filters through on colder winter days.

A Lattice Cover Is Attractive

A lattice cover has an attractive and festive look, so it gives your patio an upscale appearance when compared to a traditional solid cover. You can hang lights or plants from the cover which gives you many decorating options for patio parties. If you choose a cover made of aluminum, it will maintain its attractive appearance without the need for a lot of maintenance, which is a nice perk too.

A Lattice Cover Allows Maximum Airflow

Even though a solid patio cover is open on the sides, it can still get stuffy and hot when the cover blocks airflow. With a lattice cover, air can flow down from above for maximum cooling of your outdoor space. If you love lounging outdoors in the breeze, you'll appreciate a lattice cover that lets you feel the breezes while partially shading you from the sun.

One thing a lattice patio cover can't do is protect you from the rain as rain will fall right through it. However, that's a small downside since you may not use your patio when it's raining anyway. When you're ready to have a cover installed on your patio, talk to your contractor about the pros and cons of a lattice cover. You may find it to be the right choice for your patio when it comes to appearance and ability to provide the amount of light and shade you prefer.