Are you stuck at home because of the current health crisis? Maybe you have decided that this would be a great time to plan your spring and summer garden. If you're not up to heavy garden work, think of creating your own landscaping design and then having professionals do the actual work.

Start With A Focal Point - Imagine walking into your back yard  and having your eye go directly to an extra beautiful spot. That would be your garden's focal point. The idea is to utilize what you have and make it stand out. Here are just a few ideas that might work well for your back yard.

  • Is there already a large tree in your back yard? If so, think of hanging things like large ferns, bougainvillea baskets and other flowering plants from the tree's limbs. Place a bench under the tree and put outdoor friendly decorative pillows on it.
  • No tree? Then create a small patio in front of an existing outdoor wall fountain that will remind you of a New Orleans courtyard. Select fancy wrought iron furniture and place pots of different sizes and shapes artistically around the furniture. 
  • Buy a multi-tiered water fountain and place it in a strategic place of your back yard. Give it a Mexican flavor by having terracotta pots and hand-painted pottery birds on and around the fountain.
  • If none of those ideas appeal to you, search through gardening magazines to see if any of the pictures inspire you. For instance, a picture of a gazebo might inspire you to build your focal point around a gazebo of your own.

Think of secondary sites you want to develop in your back yard. For instance, maybe you have been wanting to establish a small plot that will hold both vegetables and flowers. Or, you might want to try your hand at raising different types of roses. 

Once you have put your landscape design ideas on paper, arrange for landscaping design services. Make sure that you and the landscaper are clear on things that he or she will purchase. For instance, if the landscaper will be purchasing a mutt-tiered fountain, be sure that you are happy with the price you'll pay. In reality, the landscaper will probably be able to buy any of the garden-related items at an excellent price. Your landscaper will have the knowledge and the experience to know what kind of plants will flourish in your yard and will also give you tips on how to maintain the garden. 

To learn more about working with professionals for your landscaping design ideas, look for services in your area.