Owning a home with mature trees gives you a head start on cultivating a beautiful landscape. While you'll be able to skip some of the more tedious aspects of raising newly planted trees, you'll also find that the branches still tend to grow quite fast. Tree trimming may look simple, but there is a fine art to removing only enough of the branches to encourage healthy growth. Arranging for a residential tree trimming service provides these benefits for your land and property.

Eliminate Threats to Your Property

Mature trees go through a growth process called compartmentalization. This process protects the tree by causing branches that develop disease or decay to die off. Once a large branch dies, it eventually falls off of the tree. Unfortunately, this can easily land on your house or car if they are not removed. Tree branches that extend to your home's roof or exterior walls can all rub against them in the wind and cause damage. A tree trimmer removes dead branches and trims back ones that are reaching the sides or top of your house.

Protect Others From Harm 

Falling branches might also land on your family or other people who are near the tree. Overgrown branches also pose a hazard once they begin to hang over sidewalks and the road. Depending upon where you live, you might be held responsible for keeping trees trimmed along the roadways and sidewalks to stay in compliance with local laws or community ordinances.

Reshape Overgrown Trees

Branches grow at different rates. Over time, it is common for one side of a tree to have branches that are longer than the other due to exposure to sunlight and rain. There may also be significant size differences in the branches on the top of the tree versus the bottom. Residential tree trimming is often required to reshape a tree that has been allowed to grow wild. Once the shape is formed, maintenance is as easy as arranging for services on a regular basis.

Open Up the View of Your Home

Big trees are majestic to behold, but there comes a point when they can interfere with the curb appeal of your home. Trimming some of the branches back can open up the view so that the front of your home does not get obscured. A tree trimming service can also remove branches that hang in front of windows so that you can enjoy a better view of your yard from indoors.